Under the smoke of Utrecht lies the village IJsselstein. There the certified Studfarm Lauw van Vliet is established. This well known Studfarm is a place for the enthusiastic breeder who goes for quality, service and personal contact. In the course of the years the emphasis has shifted towards breeding top quality Dressage and Jumping Stallions. With this in mind Studfarm Lauw van Vliet offers an interesting choice of high quality Dressage and Jumping Stallions.

Studfarm Lauw van Vliet is managed by Lauw van Vliet, his wife Jenet and a number of employees and trainees.

How it all started.
As a little boy Lauw van Vliet was completely into horses and ponies. Everyday he went to the stables to look after these beautiful animals. At the age of 16 he came in contact with the HBC Stables in Waddinxveen. Besides training and riding young horses Lauw also starts preparing young stallions for shows and competitions. This dedication grows and in 1986 Lauw decides to start his own Studfarm. At that moment Studfarm Lauw van Vliet is a fact.

Jenet van Manen is well known in the world of horses. She is the third generation from the well-known “Horse Family” Van Manen. Jenet grows up with the love for horses, just by working with them everyday at the studfarm of her parents. In 1989, Jenet moves in with Lauw and together they go further at the Studfarm Lauw van Vliet. After Jenet gave birth to her three children Anne, Lauwrens and Colet her active horse riding moved into active helping and working at the Studfarm.

Studfarm Lauw van Vliet 2008.
In spite of the growth of the Studfarm they have remained a real family company. Whether it concerns breeding recommendation for the mare, stallion advice or examining your mare and/or offspring, personal contact stays very important. In 2007, the accommodation of the Studfarm has been adapted to the contemporary wishes of breeding. The 30 existing boxes have been cultivated and modernised to accompany the mares of breeders as optimum possible.

Out of more than 600 customers Lauw van Vliet selects yearly several offspring for Sales and for growing up.

When you are looking for a nice talented and good character sport horse you will succeed at Studfarm Lauw van Vliet!

Annual Stallion Show.
The annual Stallions show is a yearly returning event in which the breeders and interested people get a captivating programme served up with several interesting Stallions. Divided over two locations the audience gets a fantastic evening where the best blood lines are shown, interesting stallions are being presented and good offspring show their talent.
From responses of public and the amount of visitors, which increases every year, we proudly can say that our Stallion Shows are a success!

Offspring for Sales.
Every year in the month of October a special offspring Sales takes place in IJsselstein at the Studfarm of Lauw van Vliet. Customers can buy straight from the breeder offspring. This is an extra service to breeders and on the other hand it is a great opportunity for people who want to buy good offspring. Every year a lot of good offspring is sold on this special Sales day and this day is very appreciated by breeders and Buyers.

We welcome you at Studfarm Lauw van Vliet!


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